Snow Comes Early to Some Argentine and Chilean Ski Areas


With the official start of the ski season, June, still more than a month away, and the peak season, July and August two months down the road, some ski areas in Argentina and Chile are happy to be reporting early dustings of snow.

“There was fresh snowfall reported on high slopes in South America … with a Refugio 3,000m up at the former ski area of Vallecitos [see the graphic above] in Patagonia posting a 10cm (4”) fall on Sunday, but it then reported fast melting the next day,” reported. “Chile’s El Colorado reported then snow down to its 2,350m (7,709 feet) base level at the start of this week. Most other South American ski areas got a snow covering too.”

Light snow fell across many mountain peaks on April 15.

Elsewhere in Argentina, at the Cerro Perito Moreno Sky Center, near El Boson in the Rio Negro province, the forecast is for varying amounts of snowfall on six days throughout the last full week of April. Temperatures there are forecast to hover between just above to just below freezing and steady snowfall is expected throughout the days of Thursday, April 25 through Sunday, April 29.


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