Snow Continues Falling at Norwegian Ski Resorts, One Resort Expects Good Summer Season


Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway, one of only six ski resorts in the world with full time summer ski operations, is preparing for its season opening on May 1.

The resort is actually clearing, churning, and compacting snow on its slopes, as it has been forced to do throughout the winter, to allow it to open safely on time and to operate smoothly through September.

“Mountain operations at Fonna Glacier Ski Resort do spend the winter months keeping the ski resort groomed and prepped to minimize work in spring,” reports Ski Brains. “The roads to the glacier are not accessible by car during the winter months and work has started to clear the snow off the path to the summer ski resort.

“The resort has seen massive snowfalls this winter thanks to one of the coldest winters in decades,” Ski Brains continues. “Earlier this year Fonna had to dig out its ski lift when it was buried by about 33 feet (10 meters) of snow … the most snow the resort has seen since 2015 and conditions are slated to be epic this summer.”

Even as Fonna is gearing up for its May opening, J2Ski is reporting that other ski areas in Norway are expecting snow through the closing week of April.

“Powder Alarms and Snow Storm Warnings have been issued for ski areas … [t]here is snow forecast to fall in Norway over the next 2 days, in at least 47 ski resorts,” J2Ski reports. (see the graph above)



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