Northern Japan Hit with Extreme Cold in May


Electroverse,, and @StabilizClimate are each reporting on a strong cold front that took May temperatures in Japan’s northern provinces well below normal for the time of year.

“Polar cold has gripped Japan this week, felling long-standing temperature records,” Electroverse reported. “The northern Tōhoku region has copped the worst of it, with Yabukawa posting -1.8C (28.8F) on May 26, its lowest May reading since the -1.9C (28.6F) set on May 29, 1989. (See, Tomoki Suzuki’s X post below)

Temperature maps from Japan’s Meteorological Agency showed that most of the Northern region of Japan’s main island, and its northernmost island, Hokkaido, experienced temperature anomalies 6 degrees Celsius or more below normal for the date May 26.


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