South America’s Coldest May since 1950


Fox News reports on An unusual autumn freeze grips parts of South America, giving Chile its coldest May in 74 years, saying:

Chileans are bundling up for their coldest autumn in more than 70 years mere days after sunning in T-shirts — a dramatic change of wardrobe brought on this week by a sudden cold front gripping portions of South America unaccustomed to bitter wind chills this time of year.

Temperatures broke records along the coast of Chile and in Santiago, the capital, dipping near freezing and making this month the coldest May that the country has seen since 1950, the Chilean meteorological agency reported.

The cold snap also took parts of Argentina and Paraguay by surprise, setting some new record low temperatures, as is shown in the chart from the National Meteorological and Hydrological Center in Paraguay, below:

The -3.4°C reading at Pozo Hondo, was likely the lowest minimum temperature ever recorded in May in the country since 1967.



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