Record Cold Temperature Tied in San Francisco, Matching a Cold Snap in 1898


The National Weather Service in San Francisco Tweeted on Monday March 27, that  several cities and towns in California set new or tied existing daily low temperature records for that date, with the record tied in San Francisco dating back 125 years ago:

#Cold morning, it was cold enough to set daily record low temperatures for at least a few long-term sites: San Francisco tied 42F in 1898, Oakland 41F previous 42F in 1991, 1976, Redwood City 33F previous 35F in 1972.

The NWS provided a map (seen above) of low temperatures in the region that occurred on the morning of March 27 showing many locations experiencing temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.

The San Francisco Chronicle, the newspaper of record for the city since 1865, said, “San Francisco hasn’t been as cold as it was Monday morning since before the construction of the Golden Gate Bridgethe great earthquake and the opening of the Ferry Building.”

Other Bay Area cities also set or tied new cold temperature records, according to the report issued by NWS San Francisco late Monday:


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