Cold Temperature Records Set in Alabama as Early Freeze Hits


WVTM 13 meteorologist Jason Simpson reports temperatures in and around Birmingham, Alabama went below freezing on October 19 and 20, setting cold temperature records for those dates in several towns in the region.

Temperatures in the Birmingham area fell to the low 30s and 20s two consecutive days with the National Weather Service issuing Freeze Warnings for both, stating “frost and freeze conditions will kill crops, other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing.”

With a normal average of low of 54℉ for October, low temperatures recorded across the Birmingham region were more than 20 degrees below the average for October.

“The arctic invasion did not disappoint in temperature terms; this impressive mid-October cold snap is the coldest since the late 2000s, and we set several new record low temperatures early Wednesday including 25°F in Gadsden and 28°F in Anniston,” said Simpson. “Birmingham’s low of 32°F did not set a record, but it is now tied for the second-earliest freeze since 1895.”


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