Despite Fears of Lack of Snow for Skiing, Ski Resort Operators are Expecting a Good Year


In 2014, The New York Times (NYT) ran an opinion piece by Porter Fox, titled “The End of Snow?”

Another more recent story in the NYT titled Here’s How Climate Change and Covid Are Transforming Skiing, suggested climate change effects will make “Skiing is an endangered sport.”

Currently though, Ski resort operators are gearing up for a third straight year of good snow and good attendance, as recently highlighted by The Wall Street Journal in their story U.S. Ski Resorts Pursue Extensive Expansions, Giving Local Home Prices a Major Lift.

Meanwhile, weather forecasts suggest next week may begin to see early fresh snowfall due to a significant cold wave that is approaching the Central and Eastern portions of the United States.

As seen below in the forecast graphic from for next Wednesday, temperatures in many states are expected to be below freezing, likely setting new records, and with the passage of a cold front, bringing the first measurable snowfall to the upper Midwest, and later to ski resort areas in the Northeast U.S. and New England.



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