Farmers’ Almanac Says Much of the U.S. Might be ‘colder than normal’ this Winter

Public service worker or citizen shoveling snow during heavy winter blizzard

The Farmers’ Almanac has released what they call a  An Extreme Winter Forecast For 2022-23.

The Almanac, which has been predicting the weather outlook for farmers and gardeners for over 200 years, says:

Shivery temperatures are predicted to rattle warm weather seekers in the Southeast and South-Central states, but the real shivers might send people in the Great Lakes areas, Northeast, and North Central regions hibernating. According to the Almanac, the North Central States are forecast to experience extremely cold temperatures, (possibly 40° below zero!) especially during mid-January.

Areas in the western half of the country should escape major shivers, with an overall forecast of brisk temperatures predicted in the Northwest and mild temperatures in the Southwest.

The Almanac also provided a weather prediction map showing what areas will experience the greatest amounts of cold and snow.

The Farmers’ Almanac suggests a stormy winter is on schedule, especially for the eastern half of the country. For some areas this may mean snow, but for others it will result in more ice and slush.




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