A Large Part of the U.S. is Cooler Than Normal this Week


The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang reports that cooler than normal temperatures have replaced warmer than normal temperatures across a large swath of the United States:

Large parts of the Lower 48 are forecast to see below-normal temperatures this week, with some areas 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the week before.

After enduring a sweltering first half of August, and the hottest nights on record during July, the Weather Channel calculates that 50 million Americans will see cooler-than-average high temperatures Monday and sees that number growing to 74 million by Wednesday.

The surface temperature map for the U.S., courtesy of WeatherBell LLC, shows a wide swath of cooler temperatures.

The hot weather experienced by many in the U.S. has waned, as weather pattern changes take effect. Right in the middle of the coolest temperature on the map is St. Louis, MO, which is about 15 degrees below normal.

Elsewhere, Michigan Live reports Some Michigan cities just had a Top 5 coldest August day, saying “Saturday wasn’t just somewhat cooler than a normal August day. It was actually one of the coldest days ever for any August day at some Michigan cities.”


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