Second Coldest Day on Record Sees Tasmanian Lake Freeze


Image: Anglers Alliance Webcam, Lake Augusta

Tasmania contained the coldest location across Australia on July 3rd and 4th, with temperatures dipping to -12.9℃ degrees Celsius on July 3 in Liawenee, located in Tasmania’s Central Highlands region. ABC News reported the temperatures there dropped further still on July 4 to -13.5℃ — the coldest temperature recorded in Australia this year so far, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). The results of the cold weather were stark.

“Inch-thick ice has formed on lakes in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, with one town recording the state’s second-coldest temperature on record,” ABC News wrote.

The Inland Fisheries Service located there reported that the July 4 low temperature was only exceeded by the -14.2℃ temperature recorded in Liawenee in August 2020.

Multiple lakes in the region had ice on their surfaces, with swans reportedly struggling to find open water, and trees across the countryside were coated with ice and frost,


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