Extreme Cold Causes Exceedingly Rare Freeze of the Sea at Tierra del Fuego


Image above translation: Yesterday, Tuesday, a new natural phenomenon occurred in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, the sea near San Sebastián, north of Río Grande, froze. In images shared on social networks it is observed that the ocean waves turned into ice formations.

Temperatures in Argentina have been well below normal recently, accompanied by unusually heavy snow across the lower South American continent. Still, on June 25 weather conditions took a surprising turn when the sea off Tierra del Fuego, on the continent’s southern tip, froze.

Meteored reported on the occurrence, writing:

The extreme cold and snowfall that affects much of Argentina continue to be talked about because of the inconveniences they have caused, mainly in Patagonia and Cuyo.

But this time the cold is news for an unusual and very beautiful postcard. The sea froze on the coasts of Tierra del Fuego and surprised residents and tourists, who soon shared on social networks the images of the white immensity that seems to be stopped in time.

The freeze – unusual but not impossible – happened this Tuesday on the coasts of Paraje San Sebastián, near Río Grande, in the north of the province.

In a comment on the freezing seas, science journalist Mariela de Diego, reporting for Meteored, referenced how the freezing seas may bring to mind scenes from “Tomorrow’s Day” [The Day After Tomorrow] writing, “[a]s if it were a science fiction movie, the combination of several meteorological factors in southern Argentine Patagonia produced an incredible landscape that went viral.”

The freezing seas occurred amid an extended spell of well below average, sub-zero temperatures affecting the entire Patagonian region. On the day the frozen coast was recorded, temperatures fell to -12℃.


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