‘Week-Long Cold Snap’ Sets Records Across Eastern Australia


ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reported on a cold weather system that settled over eastern Australia in mid-June, setting several daily cold weather records in various towns across multiple Australian states.

“If you’re in eastern Australia, it’s been pretty hard to avoid small talk about the cold this past week,” ABC News wrote. “Large parts of the country faced their coldest morning of the year so far, as the clear skies and icy air caused the mercury to plummet, with several June records being set across Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania.”

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) rereported that on June 23 Melbourne saw temperatures of 2.2℃; Brisbane’s temperatures dipped to 7.7℃; Hobart’s low temperature fell to 7.2℃; a subfreezing -3.3℃ was measured in Canberra; Liawenee, in the central of Tasmania, saw its maximum temperature reach only 2.4℃; Cooma recorded lows of -8.9℃; and Thredbo, in the mountains, recorded the lowest temperature across Australia during the week of June 16 through June 23, of -9℃.

Even where temperatures didn’t dip to freezing or below, the daily temperatures for the past week were commonly 10 to 11 degrees Celsius below average for June across the three states.

The BOM reported that at least one or more locations in the eastern states of Victoria and Queesland, and the island of Tasmania, set new records for particular June dates (See the graphic below):



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