Chilean Ski Resort Opens Early in Response to Big Snow Dump


Ski Portillo, one of Chile’s longest established and most popular ski areas, opened on three consecutive “season preview weekends,” in late-May and the first half of June due to heavy fall snow and sustained snowpack. The resort had not planned to officially open for full daily operations until late-June, but, with snow abundant, moved the date up to June 20.

“Ski Portillo, Chile is opening early and has received almost 4 feet of snow in the last week, so things are shaping up for a nice start to their season,” reports. “Ski Portillo, a ski resort in the Andes mountains of Chile, just announced that things are kicking off in spectacular fashion with a dumping of nearly four feet of snow … 113 cms (~45 inches) of snow since Thursday morning (June 13th, 2024).

Ski Portillo reported it’s first snow of the season in mid-April in the waning days of summer, and by June 1 nearly six feet of snow had fallen during the fall. The 45 inches of fresh snow that fell from June 13 through June 14, added to the accumulated snowpack.


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