Greenland Ice Shows Strong May Ice Gains


Image from Polar Portal: Surface Conditions.

Greenland has demonstrated a significant ice mass gain and coverage since September of 2023, according to the Polar Portal a project of the Danish Cooperation for Environment in the Arctic, under the Danish Ministry for Energy, Utilities, and Climate. The data for the website is provided by the Danish Meteorological Institute and other research centers.

May 27 alone showed significant ice gains, reflective of the trend for the month and season as a whole (see the map below)

Reporting on the Polar Portal’s findings,  Electroverse notes that with summer fast approaching, Greenland’s ice sheet should be at the beginning of its seasonal decline, but that’s not the case.

“Instead, fierce chills and sizable snow dumps have delivered the island its largest late-May SMB gains in Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) records dating back to 1981,” reports Electroverse.


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