‘Snowbomb’ Begins in the U.K., Polar Vortex Brings End of Winter Freeze


A polar vortex blowing south and west from Iceland has already started dumping snow across parts of the U.K., with the Met Office warning snow and below zero temperatures are or soon will be common across the nation, according to reports in the Express and the Daily Mail.

“Snowbomb hits Britain …,” reads the headline from the Daily Mail describing parts of the U.K, already hit be the front of the polar vortex.

The weather service issued a yellow weather warning for the west of England this morning,” reported the Daily Mail. “Parts of Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Hereford or Worcester have been affected by the cold blast. Pictures of south Gloucestershire show the county covered in snow.

“Bristol and Bath saw widespread wintery scenes, with pictures showing roads and rooftops covered and gardens blanketed with snow,” the Daily Mail continued. “The Met Office posted on X this morning and warned those in southern and central parts of the UK to take care as ‘heavy rain, sleet, and snow’ has travelled into the area.”

Temperatures of -10℃ have been predicted for parts of the U.K., says the Express.

“The mercury is set to plunge across Britain in the final throes of winter in just a matter of days,” the Express reports. “Weather maps show temperatures as low as -10C in some parts of the country, while others hover around the -5C mark.

“Experts warn that a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) is likely to happen over the next few days, which could lead to prolonged cold weather,” write the Express.

Commenting on polar storm closing out the winter in the U.K., Nick Finnis, a senior forecaster with NetWeather told the Express, “[F]ollowing a winter without much cold and wintry weather away from northern Scotland, there is an increased risk of a bitter blow before spring warmth takes hold.”


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