Saudi’s Picnic in Rare Snow


Harper’s Bazaar Arabia reports that the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia were greeted by a relatively rare sight on February 15, snow.

“After a chilly week and hailstorm hit the UAE, it looks like the cold breeze shifted towards Saudi Arabia,” wrote Harper’s Bazaar. “Videos of pristine white snow and hail blanketing the mountains in the kingdom circulated online on February 15.

“The country experienced a significant drop in temperatures on Thursday and showers were reported in some parts of the country,” Harper’s Bazaar continued. “Snow in … [the] Tabuk region turns into a winter wonderland.”

Harper’s Bazaar shared Instagram and X posts from numerous residents of the region reveling in the snow.

Mid-February’s snowfall was not the first for the region in 2024. In early January, Coastal Digest reported that so many Tabuk residents went outdoors to enjoy a heavy snowfall authorities had to be called in to manage traffic.


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