Snow Blankets Cyprus’ Mountains


Photo: Weather Enthusiasts of Cyprus on Facebook.

Cyprus, with its subtropical climate, rarely gets snow, but snow is just what it got in late-January.

An Instagram post reported on the storm that delivered snow to the Troodos mountains in Cyprus, writing, “[y]ou’re probably not used to seeing snow in Cyprus, but the Troodos mountains are currently covered in it!”

In-cyprus, en-philenews shared several videos from “Weather Enthusiasts of Cyprus” Facebook page of the snow fall in its report on the storm, “Troodos mountains cloaked in snow.”

“Social media is abuzz with stunning images from Troodos, where recent snowfall has created a magical winter landscape,” wrote en-philenews. “Snow depth in the central square has reached 27 centimetres, turning the area into a picturesque scene straight out of a holiday postcard.”

Screen Capture of Video posted on en-philenews.


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