Cold Front Brings Snow and High Winds to South Africa


The South African Weather Service (SAWS) as issued several types of Severe Weather Alerts in anticipation of a strong cold front blowing across parts of the country, according to a story the SAWS had placed in the South African.

“A cold front will make landfall over the south-western Cape tomorrow (Friday, 25 August 2023) spreading eastwards during the day. Widespread rainfall can be expected in the south-west with strong winds in many places reaching gale force along the southern coast,” said one of several messages on X (formerly Twitter) from @SAWeatherServic, the SAWS’s account.

In particular, over the weekend spanning Friday August 25 through Sunday August 29, SAWS issued several types of weather alerts to cover the different types of impacts the cold weather system was expected to deliver across various regions of the country, such as, “orange Level 5 warning for Damaging Waves,” for various ports and coastal areas, and “yellow level 2 warning for Damaging Winds,” in other areas.

The SAWS said high winds, rain, and snow in some areas could damage buildings and power lines and could result “in some disruption to road, rail, and air transport and difficulty in navigation at sea.”

Precipitation was expected to be widespread, delivered as snow in regions where the temperatures are particularly low, including parts of The Free State, and the Northern, Western, and Eastern Cape province, especially at higher elevations, reports The Citizen.

“The public and small stock farmers are advised that very cold, wet, and windy conditions are expected over the most parts of the country, southern interior of Namakwa of the Northern Cape, interior of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and central interior on Friday and Saturday,” said a SAWS weather advisory, to which The South African added, “As temperatures drop, it’s important to remember that our pets also feel the cold. Just like us, pets can be at risk of frostbite, hypothermia, and other winter-related hazards.” The South African recommended keeping pets indoors if possible, and protecting their paws with booties or petroleum jelly when they go outside.





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