Late Season Winter Weather Hits Great Britain


The UK based newspaper, The Sun, reports that Great Britain is experiencing a late season winter event. Reporting on Met Office predictions, The Sun writes:

They expect “wintry showers” today in the North East and some light rain in places, while a dry but cold day is forecast for many.

Temperatures plunged as low as -7℃ early this morning in northern Scotland as the recent cold snap stubbornly continues.

The forecast for today reads: “Wintry showers continuing across the far North East.”

The Sun interviewed Dan Stroud, a Met Office meteorologist, regarding the cold.

“It’s rather cold out there at the moment thanks to these Northerly winds,” Stroud told The Sun. “Some rural parts in the Highlands could see temperatures similar to those we saw last night, down to -6℃ or -7℃.”

Other news outlets also filed stories discussing Great Britain’s unusual for the season cold spell. The author of The Express’ story on the wintry weather,  “Met Office issues snow warning as wintry conditions set to sweep country in hours,” wrote:

A Met Office meteorologist has predicted wintry showers and blustery conditions could strike the UK as a low pressure system knocks out the sunshine.

cold week bolstered with blustery winds and wintry showers is what much of the UK can expect this week. That’s according to the Met Office which has predicted a “below average” few days in terms of temperatures.




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