Cold June Weekend in B.C. Sets Low Temperature Records


Environment Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. National Weather Service, said that an unseasonably cool airmass that drifted into the province on Sunday, June 16 had resulted in several daily minimum temperature records and several daily low maximum record temperatures being set.

Global News Canada reports on the records that were noted by Environment Canada:

Cold temperatures at the cusp of summer broke records across B.C. this weekend, some of which were more than a century old.

In terms of daily minimum temperatures, the mercury fell to 3.9 C in Bella Bella during the coolest part of the day, breaking a 2014 record of 4 C.

Close on its heels was Merritt, where the high temperature was a mere 11.5 C, breaking an old daytime low of 13 C set in 2014.  In Princeton, a new low daytime high record of 12.1 C was set, breaking the old record of 12.2 C set in 1939.

There were many others cold records set in the region compiled by Environment Canada:

In Summerland, a new cold daytime high record of 13.3 C was set, breaking an old record of 15.5 C set in 1987.

Penticton saw the daytime high temperature make its way to 14.9 C, breaking an old daytime cold record of 15.6 C set in 1939.

Kelowna saw the mercury rise in the peak of the day to a mere 13.3 C, breaking a record of 15 C set more than a century ago in 1906.

In Kamloops, the daytime high was a chilly 15.1 C, breaking an old record of 15.4 C set in 1991. Lytton saw temperatures reach 15.2 C, breaking an old record of 15.6 C set in 2014.

The Nakusp area tied its previous cold daytime high record when the mercury reached 14.5 C.



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