Winter Hangs on in the U.K. with Persistent Unseasonably Cold Summer Temperatures


Image: ClimateReanalyser

The Guardian is reporting United Kingdom is experiencing an unusually cold start to summer with temperatures persisting well below average as astronomical summer begins. The colder than normal temperatures are being driven by a prevailing jet stream delivering cold air from the Arctic to the U.K.

“Meteorologically speaking, summer started on 1 June,” writes The Guardian. “‘But you wouldn’t necessarily know it,’” Prof Liz Bentley, chief executive at the Royal Meteorological Society says. “‘It has been exceptionally, unseasonably cold and – unfortunately – the forecast suggests it’s going to stay that way.’

“Bentley reckons that today temperatures across the UK will range around 11-16℃,” The Guardian continues. “‘At this time of year, temperatures should range from 17-21℃ so that’s a good five degrees below normal. It’s not just perception, it is noticeably cooler.’”

According to Bentley, although 2024’s monthly average will be unlikely to break the record for the coldest June ever, the month’s days have been consistently well-below normal.

Provisionally, as of June 9th, Met Office records dating back to 1659 at the Central England Temperature Record indicated that, with an average temperature of just 12.5℃, June 2024 was the tied with 1923 for the 9th coldest June in the past 365 years (see the chart at left).

Graphic: EIKE from Met Office Data.



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