Nagpur India Sees Coldest April Day in 55 Years of Official Records


Graphic from Weather Underground.

Nagpur, India, the 13th largest city in the nation, experienced its coldest April day since 1969 on April 11, reports Nagpur Today.

Despite April normally being a month of steadily rising temperatures, the temperature took a dip on April 11 as an unusual for the season monsoon storm blew through accompanied by daily high and low temperatures well below normal for the year. The daily maximum was 14.6 degrees Celsius below normal for the date.

Meteorologists reported that the weather system and temperatures experienced in Nagpur in April thus far, are normal for February and March, but not for April. It is the second year in a row with winter like temperatures in April. At this point in the month, April 2024 has been the coldest April on record, state meteorologists report.

Nagpur Today says that Nagpur is not the only city experiencing record or near record cold temperatures for the month.

  • Bramhapuri’s temperature on April 11 was nearly 12 degrees below average for the date;
  • Wardha’s temperature was 12.1 degrees below average; and
  • Gondia’s temperature was 11.5 degrees below average/

April is usually a dry transition month before the late spring and summer monsoons arrive, but the recent cold was driven by unusual for the month rain across the region.


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