China Experiences Early Fall Record Breaking Cold


Electroverse writes:

Exceptional chills have gripped much of China of late, most notably in Qinghai Province of the Tibetan Plateau.

Hala Lake took the ‘cold cherry’ over the weekend. The brackish lake, located in China’s Qilian mountains, bottomed-out at a record-breaking (for mid-Oct) -28.4C (-19.1F) on Sunday, October 15.

It wasn’t the only locale to post anomalous cold (see list above).

The unusually cold temperatures, as reported by China’s meteorological agency, ranged from -13.6°C (7.5°F) to the Hala Lake low of -28.4°C (-19.1°F).

The cold weather was part of a frigid Arctic air mass driven by a large southern excursion of the Jet Stream into China.


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