Northern China Endures Harshest Cold Since 1987 at -59.3°F


Electroverse reports:

A harsh ‘cold wave’ has engulfed the Xinjiang region where a low of -48.6°C (-55.5°F) was observed on Monday.

This is the coldest reading since 1987, and one not far off the lowest November temperature ever recorded in China — the -50.7°C (-59.3°F) set at Keketuohai, Xinjiang on Nov 26, 1987.

On Twitter, Jim yang provided a map of the cold wave in the north part of China:

Additionally, Electoverse added a description of the severity of the cold:

As temperatures plummeted, waterfalls began to freeze, particularly those located around Acacia Lake at the Ali River National Forest Park in Inner Mongolia. The 2.4m-high (8ft) and 28m-wide (92ft) ice fall delivered some majestic scenery:


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