‘Lake Effect Snow’ Delivers a White Fall to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Satellite image from Space Science And Engineering Center- University of Wisconsin - Madison

The Buffalo metropolitan area was not the only area in the United States to get covered with snow during the mid-November freeze; Grand Rapids, Michigan also saw heavy snow arrive early this year.

Three days of heavy “lake effect” snowfall dumped nearly two feet of snow on Grand Rapids, Michigan, by November 20. Although Grand Rapids is used to heavy snow accumulations over the winter, this round of lake effect snow came early this year, according to Wood TV 8.

“As of Saturday night, Grand Rapids has seen 23.3″ inches since Thursday,” reported Wood TV 8. “On average, November sees 7.6 inches of snow in total. This total is the largest three-day consecutive snowfall total on record for Grand Rapids.”

Data from Current Results show that, in just three days, more snow fell in Grand Rapids during mid-November 2022 snow emergency than has fallen on average in the city in any single month over the past 10 years.

Wind chills in and around Grand Rapids were in the low to middle teens during the period.


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