Parts of Finland, Russia, and Belarus Getting an Early Taste of Winter


Electroverse reports that Finland experienced below freezing temperatures in the first week of September, and Kaliningrad, Russia and Minsk, Belarus saw temperatures dip sufficiently to experience frost on the ground.

“This week, Kaliningrad, Russia and Minsk, Belarus were among the locales to suffer their earliest frosts in recorded history,” reports Electroverse. “…the mercury in Finland plunged as low as -7.5C (18.5F), at Ylivieska airport. In fact, this first week of September has been Finland’s coldest in decades, particularly in the South where the capital Helsinki has suffered its chilliest start to the month of September since 1941.”

Concerning Finland’s chilly September, the Finnish Meteorological Institute sent a tweet stating, “September has started cold, and especially in the western and southern parts of the country it has been exceptionally cold, with the average temperature being about 4-5 degrees below average.” This marks the second consecutive year that Finland has experienced cooler than average September temperatures.


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