Winter Lingers in Australia as late-Winter “Cold Front,” Brings Rain, Hail, and Snow


Nature World News reports a late winter cold front combined with a low pressure system is bringing an extended period of wet weather including heavy rains, large hail, and snow.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) warned winter is far from over, indicating it was likely to issue a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of the country. The BOM says a cold front and low pressure system that arrived on Thursday was expected to bring severe weather to large swaths of the country through Saturday, September 8.

“The BoM warns the thunderstorms will be severe, producing heavy rainfall and lead to flash flooding, as well as damaging winds and potential large hail,” reports Nature World News. “Similar phenomena have transpired during the winter season of Australia from June to August.

“The ongoing weather system is expected to cause the heaviest low-level snowfalls of the year, as well as damaging winds and heavy rain, according to Nine News, which also cited BOM’s forecast for Tasmania to receive a possible 300 meters of snowfall,” Nature World News writes. “Meanwhile, the mainland can also receive as low as 500 meters of snow.”

Editors note: “…forecast for Tasmania to receive a possible 300 meters of snowfall” is incorrect. What they actually mean is that the snow level will go down to as low as 300 meters (approximately 1000 feet).


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