With More Snow on the Way, A New Record in Sight for Anchorage Alaska


With a new winter storm on its way, Anchorage, Alaska, where temperatures during the last week of February are seeing daytime highs only in the low teens and nighttime lows are dipping several degrees below zero, is on track to break its all-time record for snowpack in a single winter season.

Reporting on Anchorage’s ongoing winter weather woes, NPR says, “Anchorage, Alaska, is accustomed to snow — but this year has been overwhelming, … [t]he city reached 100 inches of snow earlier than ever before and sent notices to thousands of people warning of potential roof collapses.”

According to the NWS, snowfall of 14 inches or more has been common across the “Anchorage Bowl” in recent days, topping out at around 20 inches in one area. (See the figure above).

KTUU is reporting that the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings for elsewhere in Alaska, as well, where temperatures are well below normal, and more snow is expected. KTUU writes:

Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings have been issued for much of the Panhandle, where 6 to 15 inches of snow looks possible. The heaviest snowfall will occur for the central Panhandle and Southern Inner Channels. Areas further north will still see some snow accumulation, although the activity will only bring 1 to 4 inches of snow.

While Southeast is gearing up for a decent snowstorm, the rest of the state is gearing up for the return to bitterly cold conditions. Cold temperatures are already leading to lows today along the North Slope near -10 degrees, with overnight lows expected to drop as low as -30. While this cold will be nowhere near the bitter cold we saw at the beginning of the year, it will still drive temperatures across the state about 20 degrees below average.

Snowfall totals are expected to range from 1 to 3 additional inches in Prince William Sound to 6 to 15 inches in the central Panhandle and Southern Inner Channels.


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