Weather Service Issues Winter Weather Advisories for Various South African Regions


News 24 reports that the South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a variety of weather advisories resulting from a cold front that swept across a large swath of the country.

“The South African Weather Service has issued an advisory for snowfall and a cold front with heavy downpours expected in multiple provinces,” wrote News 24. “Cold, wet, and windy weather conditions are expected over the Eastern Cape on Friday, 5 July, due to a passing cold front associated with its upper-air trough.

“Snowfalls are expected over the high-lying areas of the Eastern Cape and very rough to high seas are forecast from Friday afternoon into Saturday,” News 24 continued. “Meanwhile, another intense cold front is expected to affect the Western Cape and Northern Cape on Sunday, 7 July, into Monday, 8 July.”

The SAWS warned farmers their livestock could be harmed by the cold, wind, and precipitation, and issued a Yellow, Level 2 warning for ships which it forecast would face heavy, potentially damaging waves.


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