Arctic Cold Front Delivers Late-Spring Snow to the Scottish Highlands


The BBC is reporting that an arctic cold front hit the Scottish Highlands in early June. The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) service reports that the freezing temperatures were accompanied by substantial snow on some of Scotland’s highest peaks.

“Snow has been falling over some of Scotland’s highest mountains with wind chill forecast to be -10℃ in the most exposed areas,” said the BBC. “The Cairngorms were among upland areas to see a dusting on Tuesday [June 4].

“Cairngorm Mountain, along with Scotland’s other mountain ski centres, had benefited from lengthy periods of freezing conditions over the winter,” the BBC continued.

The late-in-the year snow allowed the area ski operators to provide tow ropes to skiers lower on the mountain, rather than forcing late-season skiers to hike up to where the snow lingers, the latter being the norm for this late in the spring.

Despite the fact that the MWIS is forecasting temperatures to moderate slightly going into the weekend, it also says it expects more snow and ice to fall in the coming days as Arctic conditions linger.


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