Europe Braces for Abnormal Cold and Spring Snow


The Severe Weather Europe (SWE) website is reporting that a cold wave is expected to affect most of Europe until the end of the month.

This week, a large part of Europe is returning to a cold period, which may last until the end of the month.

The featured image [above] represents the temperature anomaly between the past Sunday (April 14th) and the following Sunday (April 21st), from around 15 °C too warm to more than 10 °C below average temperature.

SWE goes on to say:

From Sunday’s 15 °C at this level to around -5 °C by Tuesday. So, nearly 20 °C drop in less than two days. We can also see that the cold period will extend for at least another week, possibly even longer. Thus staying below the long-term average for the second half of April.

Snow is expected to fall again at mountaintops and ski resorts, possibly extending the ski season.

The image below shows the intense low-pressure zone entering the area from the Arctic regions, bringing with it colder than normal weather.


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