Himalayan Winds Bring Sustained Winter Chill to New Delhi


Image: satellite image of India, via the India Meteorological Department.

New Delhi, India recently experienced its first three consecutive days period of temperatures below 10℃ in more than 20 years, according to the Times of India.

The India Meteorological Department reported that March 5, 6, and 7, recorded temperatures of 8.6℃, 8.6℃, and 9.7℃ respectively. Friday March 1, at 3.8℃, was even colder, the lowest temperature of the season The day before hit a low of 5.8℃. All of these temperatures are well below normal for the dates.

The unseasonable temperatures were also accompanied by heavy fog which created dangerous travel conditions.

“With a low temperature of 3.8 degrees Celsius on Friday, Delhi saw the coldest morning of the winter season,” reported Newsable Asia News (NAN). “Visibility was completely lost due to a thick layer of fog, which also affected rail and airline operations.

“According to the Indian Railways, heavy fog caused delays of up to six hours for 23 trains that were headed for Delhi,” NAN continud. “There was zero visibility at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and for the following two hours, there was no chance of any change. Flight arrival and departure times were consequently postponed by one to four hours.”

The BBC reports that temperatures dipped even lower in other parts of India.

“A severe cold wave has gripped parts of northern India, with temperatures falling below -5℃ (23℉) in Indian-administered Kashmir,” said the BBC. “The famous Dal Lake … and other water bodies in Kashmir have partially frozen, making it hard for boatmen to ferry passengers and tourists.

“The low temperatures have also frozen water pipelines and disrupted road transport, making it difficult for people to access daily necessities,” BBC wrote.


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