“Adverse Winter Weather” Blankets Germany


Most of Germany is in the midst of a sustained spell of “Adverse Winter Weather,” according to report published by Crisis 24.

“Adverse winter weather conditions are forecast across much of Germany through at least Dec. 7,” writes Crisis 24. “Spells of mixed wintry precipitation are expected in many parts of the country, as well as a cold air mass bringing colder temperatures.

“Snowfall is likely over elevated areas and a mix of rain and freezing rain at lower altitudes,” continues the story. “The heaviest snowfall is forecast in eastern regions Dec. 4-5 and precipitation may be accompanied by moderately strong winds in places.”

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) said the severe winter weather, consisting of a combination of cold temperatures, precipitation, and high winds, was likely to result in air and ground transportation delays and hazardous travel conditions in some areas.

The DWD issued the following weather warnings for various German states and regions:

  • Orange snowfall warnings: Parts of southern Saxony State.
  • Orange strong wind warnings: Parts of southwestern and western Baden-Wurttemberg, southern Bavaria, far eastern Hesse, and far western Saxony-Anhalt states.
  • Orange black ice warnings: Parts of central, northern, and western Baden-Wurrtemberg, northwestern Bavaria, southern Hesse, and southern Rhineland-Westphalia.
  • Yellow snowfall warnings: Across parts of northern and western Baden-Wurrtemberg, northwestern Bavaria, Hesse, eastern and southern North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, and northern Schleswig-Holstein states.
  • Yellow strong wind warnings: Parts of southwestern Saxony State.
  • Yellow frost warnings: Across much of the country with the exception of some southwestern and western regions.
  • Yellow black ice warnings: Parts of northern and western Germany.

Only the southwestern edge of Germany is expected to escape the winter storm’s effects.


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