Arctic Freeze Makes ‘Britain Colder Than Russia’


The U.K.’s Met Office reports that an Arctic freeze that blew into the country produced temperatures in Great Britain that were colder than in Russia during the same time period.

“Britain is chillier than Russia as a 10-day Arctic freeze sweeps in bringing snow and ice,” said the Daily Star. “England’s -7.7℃ coldest temperature of autumn today (November 25) at Shap, Cumbria, was colder than -4℃ lows in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

“Temperatures of -10℃ are expected later in the week overnight in the North, with -5℃ in the South,” continued The Daily Star. “Even London is due freezing nights almost every night through the next week. Frost will be widespread.”

The Met Office is forecasting the U.K.’s first widespread heavy snow to accompany the extended cold by the weekend, with as much as 23 cm (approximately 9 inches) of snow expected to begin falling on Thursday, November 30 through the weekend.

“The UK is set for a massive dump of snow as soon as next week with up to 10cm of per hour, charts and weather forecasters predict,” reports the Daily Star. “Parts of the British Isles could be about to receive as much as 23cm of the white stuff, with snowfall expected in England, Scotland, and Wales.”


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