Phoenix Experiences Its Coldest March in 30 Years


The Arizona Republic reports on new data from the National Weather Service in Phoenix showing that March 2023 was the coldest in 30 years.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix announced on Saturday that March 2023 was the coldest on record for the city since the turn of the century. The month had an average temperature of 61.8 degrees, the coldest March average recorded since 1991, when the average temperature was 60.32 degrees.

March 2023 had an average high temperature of 72.2 °F and an average low temperature of 51.5 °F, according to data from the weather service in Phoenix.

As seen in the graphic above, the departure from normal was -5.9°F below the expected temperature for the month.

According to NWS archived data, temperatures in Phoenix were 10 to 15°F below average on certain days in early March.



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