Pakistan Suffers Through an Unusually Cold January


Cold temperatures in January in Pakistan are not unusual, but Pakistan’s Meteorological Department (PMD) reports January 2023 was unusually cold for the month.

By mid-January, it was already clear that Pakistan as a whole was experiencing well below average temperatures with Gulf News reporting, “Cold wave grips southern Pakistan with record-low temperatures.”

The cold continued throughout the month with the PMD reporting that the 9.98℃ average temperature recorded Pakistan as a whole for the month of January 2023, was 2℃ lower than 1991-2020 average and, and 1.25℃ lower than the 1961-1990 norm, which was a period of colder than average temperatures for the region.

New coldest daytime and coldest nighttime temperatures were set in January 2023 for a number of cities.


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