Hudson Bay Is Experiencing a 20 Year Cooling Trend with Longer Ice Season


No Tricks Zone reports recent research show the vast majority of Canada’s Hudson Bay has been freezing earlier and the ice breaking up later, since 2000.

Data recorded at 15 sites in and around Hudson Bay show 73 percent of the area experienced an average cooling of -0.34°C per decade. This data was reported in a study, titled “Landfast sea ice in Hudson Bay and James Bay: Annual cycle, variability and trends, 2000–2019,” published in the University of California Press’ peer reviewed journal, Elementa.

The researchers involved in the study also report the declining temperature trend has resulted in western Hudson Bay and James Bay experiencing an “earlier freeze-up and delayed break-up, and an overall trend towards a longer fast-ice season at a rate of 8 days/decade.”


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