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Nor’easter Blankets Wide Region with Heavier Snow Than Projected

On Monday, March 13, meteorologists at the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) were projecting a that multi-day Nor’easter anticipated to blow into the Northeastern...

The Winter of 2022-23 is Abnormally Cold Across Central and Eastern Russia

Russia, known for its cold winters, is experiencing an unusually cold one so far. Electroverse writes: The Yakutia and the Far East, for example, suffered seasonal...

New Record: 3rd Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in Lake Tahoe, CA, and More Coming

According to Tweets by the UC Berkeley Central Snow Laboratory  the Lake Tahoe area has officially reached the title of third snowiest winter in recorded...

Nor’easter Threatens Massachusetts with Heavy Snow is reporting that multiple maps run by the National Weather Service indicate a that severe Nor’easter is expected to hit Massachusetts late March...

Numerous Cold Records Were Set in Western United States During the Recent Cold Wave

Atmospheric Sciences professor Cliff Mass reports that “he western United States is experiencing one of the coldest end-of-winter periods in the historical record…,” with...