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Freezing Temperatures and Snow Signal Changing Seasons in Alaska

A September 20 headline at Alaska’s News Source (ANS) announced the chilling arrival of fall, “Signs of the changing seasons are showing up all...

Autumnal Storm Marks the End of Summer in Finland

A strong storm with high winds downed trees and power lines, arguably signaling the end of summer in Finland. “An autumnal storm, named Varpu, brought...

The Forecast for Mount Kilimanjaro’s Peak: Below Freezing Temperatures and Snow

Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit, is experiencing well below freezing temperatures and snow as this report is written, with the same forecast for the...

Heavy Snow in Argentina Poses Avalanche Threat

Argentinian Ski Area, Las Lenas was slammed by repeated bouts of heavy snow over the past few weeks, according to Snowbrains.com. “Extreme Avalanche Danger in...

As Spring Approaches, Record Cold and Snow Blast South Africa

The South African reported this week that despite the pending end of winter, South Africa was recently slammed by a polar blast that threatened to deliver...